Triple Digits

It’s happened a bit early this year. Today’s high temperature at our house: 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Did I mention that it is the middle of May? Good gracious.

Thank you Jesus for central air, ceiling fans, and automatic ice makers. Today I have partaken of all these special blessings, and I am sooooooo grateful.

My handy dandy Google weather icon indicates a forecast with more of the same for the coming week. Our temperatures at Murray Creek tend to run anywhere from five to ten degrees hotter than Google predicts for San Andreas, so we’re in for some more scorchers.

The Seattle area, on the other hand, appears to be enjoying perfect Pacific Northwest weather.


  1. Faint Memory:

    Weather is great in Seattle today, for sure. We should be out on the hobie cats sailing around Mercer Island, which by the way, Holly, you promised to do that with me but never did. ;)

  2. Holly:

    Oh noes! I truly regret breaking that promise. Sailing is one of the things I miss most living out in these dry parts. There are some lakes around–by which I mean, bodies of water created by dams–but I have never seen a Hobie or a Lido or sailboard or any other kind of stick boat on them. Just power boats. Snort.

  3. Matt Brookhart:

    don’t fret over the broken promise, we were in the 5th grade, afterall.

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