Real Rain

What is that?

ANGLE. DAVID. He is still in an amorous daze and doesn’t even feel the increasing rain. It starts to pound harder and Margaret looks to him in terror.

Guess what movie? (click to cheat)MARGARET
What’s going on?


Real rain?

Yeah … You don’t have rain either?

She looks at him frightened. David smiles.

Right. Of course you don’t …

He puts his jacket around her and starts to lead her up the grassy slope. A dozen other couples go scurrying up the bank, looking in terror at the water falling from the sky.

Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiin!!!!! It started sprinkling lightly yesterday and has been raining all day today. Real rain. I bet the firefighters are as happy as I am for the late spring soaking. I was afraid we were done with rain for the year, having had none since March. I’m happy to report that the windshield wipers on the Blazer actually work pretty well, as we discovered when we drove to town to visit the post office and have lunch at a favorite restaurant.

The air outside is cool and misty, with lacy curtains of water drizzling from low gray skies. The scent of the damp earth is heavenly. Living in Seattle all my life, I have sometimes forgotten what a luxurious gift rain can be. The bugs have taken the day off, and the hummingbird swarm is unusually mellow. I had an afternoon nap in the gentle, cloud-filtered light with a book and a blankie.

I like today.


  1. Matt Brookhart:

    Night has fallen, the temperature with it. The clouds in darkening folds wink the stars away one by one, in a nervous shiver it grips you, a sense of urgency, expectation, the quick chill that runs the length of your back. It begins to fall, one after another in hesitant drops, a shy uncertain tap dancer on the scorched earth, now more boldly. Wet canvas the smell that recalls the childhood walks of the pastures of home, turn your face to the sky. Rain is a good friend.

  2. Holly:

    Matt!!! ::grins:: Thank you for a lovely mental picture, my old friend. We had another storm today, this one with much heavier rain, plus thunder and heavy black clouds. Aaaaaahhh. Rain is indeed a good friend.

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