“O Great Spirit” Record Released

Michael Stillwater, recording artist and music healer (amongst many other amazing gifts), has released a recording, “O Great Spirit,” from his November 2, 2007 Chantwave concert at The Center for Spiritual Living in Seattle. I had the oh-so-yummy pleasure of joining Michael on stage for this show, as did friends Erin Mcgaughan, Sean Bendickson, and Rick Bakken.

All my music-making with Michael, whether live or in recording sessions, has been loose and flowing, and the evening of this recording was no exception. This is not a rehearsed set. As musicians supporting Michael, we take in the feel of the song in the moment and contribute whatever feels juicy vocally and instrumentally. In some cases, we’re doing a song we’ve never heard before.

Working this way is something that I love and at the same time pushes my boundaries and scares the poop out of me. There is no safety net. There is all the room in the world for weirdness, and also the most sublime harmonic moments. Michael is teaching me about letting go of judgment of the voice, stretching and taking risks. He himself makes up songs for people–on the spot–for healing and connection to Spirit. Talk about trusting in the Divine Flow! I’m grateful for his modeling that deep trust, as well as his treasured friendship. Through his example, I’m getting to a deepening sense of trust in my own ability to tap into that divine energy of inspiration.

O Great Spirit is available for download here. Listening samples are also available. Be sure to check out Michael’s other recordings while you’re visiting his site, Inner Harmony, and I certainly recommend seeing him live if you get the chance. Hey, you never know, I might be up there singing, too.

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  1. Barbara Berry:

    This was perfect to listen to during my walk this morning, well, 10 songs worth, before I tired and came in for tea. My feet moved to the tempo of your music and your voice(s)kept me interested.

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