Missed Connection

After Tasha’s wedding in Seattle, Conal flew directly off to Germany for a conference on functional programming. He was scheduled to come in to the Sacramento Airport tonight at 11:20 pm, where I was to pick him up.

In addition to the hour and a half drive home from the airport, Conal’s journey from the German town of Freiburg will have included a two-hour train ride from Freiberg to Fankfurt, the long plane ride from Frankfurt to Chicago, a second flight to Dallas, then a final flight to Sacramento.

Ay carumba. With airline travel being as dicey as it is these days, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that his flight leaving Chicago was delayed due to mechanical difficulties, which will most likely cause him to miss his Dallas connection by an hour.

He is in the air now. I checked rather exhaustively online to see if there were any other options to get anywhere near here or the Bay Area, with no luck. I’m afraid my beloved will be spending a night in Dallas. The next chance he’ll have to get to Sacramento looks like a 9:30 am flight which arrives at 11:05 am tomorrow morning.

Sigh. I miss my sweetie.

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