Jeanne Hardy, A Blogger Ahead of Her Time

What would my awesome Aunt Jeanne have done in the era of blogs? Medicine Wheel Blog? The Spotted Chicken Report online? That would have been so cool! Her humorous short stories, interviews, and wonderful drawings would have made for a terrific blog. Perhaps she’s at it up in heaven…

Here’s a bit of her humor I found online on an old, apparently outdated Methow Valley News page. It’s dang hot here today, and I like being reminded that it will get cold again and perhaps lead to… duh duh duh DUM! Cabin fever–aaaaaaaugh!

Are you suffering from cabin fever?

In 1984, the late MVNews columnist Jeanne Hardy described a few signs and symptoms concerning cabin fever for a supplement to the paper entitled the Country Side Magazine. They are appropriate today as they were back then.

1. You absentmindedly nibble your favorite houseplant.
2. The soles of your feet are fuzzy and slightly numb and you can no longer separate your toes.
3. You burst into tears at the sight of a snowflake.
4. Your alarm clock goes off one morning and you flatten it with your table lamp.
5. You’ve eaten 14 oranges in the last 10 hours.
6. You realize you’re talking to yourself in a language you don’t understand.
7. There’s a knock at your door and you scream.
8. You realize you’ve been staring into the refrigerator for three days.
9. The phone rings. You pick it up and say, “Goodbye?”
10. A neighbor discovers you holding, and singing to, a bag of potting soil.

Heh. I sure loved her stuff. Anyone find anymore of Jeanne’s writing on the net?

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