Hummers are Back in Town *and* I Have A Camera!!

I’m having a lot of fun with our new Canon Powershot AS650 IS, the camera I’ve been lusting after for some time. We got it at Costco, bundled with a photo printer and extra 1G SD card.

One of my favorite subjects is hummingbirds. Here are a couple of the local rowdies.


D’awe, look at those teensie feetses! Don’t be fooled, however, by their diminutive uber-cuteness. Although neither of these birds is even as big as my thumb, they buzz around sporting some serious ‘tude. Hummers are very territorial, and they spend a lot of time and energy chasing each other and trying to be Big Bass Ass Hummer of the ‘Hood. The guy with iridescent head literally stands guard in a tree overlooking one of the feeders, attempting to chase off any interlopers by zooming straight at them and cussing them out in high-pitched, electronic sounding tones.

Another hummer!

Some of the birds scare off easily. Others just kind of look at him like, “Whatever, dude,” and go back to sipping their sugar water.


  1. Emma McCreary:

    Wow, that’s quite a close-up!
    Hmm, I’m jealous! Maybe I will invest in a hummingbird feeder. =)

  2. Holly:

    :D I highly recommend it, Emma. The hummers will come up and sit on the feeder while it’s in my hands, if I’m still for a few minutes. Their buzzing closely around me so fast with those sharp beaks took some getting used to in order for me to not flinch! I learned to relax while they zoom everywhere, and now they come right up and drink.

    They have me well trained. Heh.

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