Blog. Blog? Wake up, Blog!

I have been a complete slacker at blogging lately. This seems hardly fathomable, as blogging is about the least taxing means of employment I can think of. How slack must one be to fail to generate a sentence or two on the topic of one’s choice at the time of one’s own choosing? Sheesh. My camera broke not too long ago, and in most of the blog entries that occur to me I generally want to include a photo. Somehow, this obstacle to my creativity has been annoying enough that I most often decide not to post at all. Good thing I don’t make a living blogging.

For the time being, Ann has loaned me her camera, which her daughter Anna loaned to her but she says she never uses. Anywho, I’ll get around to taking some pics eventually, but today I would like to share with you an article I found on another site. If you know me, you probably are aware that I enjoy language, including purposely mangling English words and phrases in order to make myself, and perhaps others, laugh. This article had me giggling this morning.

You see, blogging is so easy, I can actually blog about another blogger’s article and call it a post. Neat. Now, back to my nap.

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