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Bored? The Wordsmith Anagram Server will deliver hours of delightful entertainment. Try your name. Seriously, this is the most fun you’ll have all day. Use all your names to get the widest variety. Use the advanced filtering features to narrow the results for maximum hilarity. My full name returns some doozies:

  • Acridly Holy Moron
  • Nomadic Holy Lorry
  • Lordly Mocha Irony
  • Yo Anchor Dorm Lil
  • My Lord Loony Chair
  • Dryly Moronic Halo

And my personal favorites of the moment, in light of my vocal performance leanings:

  • Moldy Choral Irony
  • My Old Choral Irony
  • Lyrical Hydro Moon
  • Yo Lordly Harmonic

It goes on and on. An unrestricted search yielded 52,752 results. If you skim your initial giant list and pick out especially funny or appropriate words, you can use the advance filter to ask the server to only show you results that include that word.

Don’t stay up too late playing with it! (I already did.)

p.s. Sorry about the post title. Apparently, I can’t resist adding -orama to the end of words. Hey, I could have named my blog Hollorama! Dang.